Connecting to
Diana-- Afterlife
A connection to your spiritual support team of spirit guides
and angels can certainly help take the questions out of life
and act as a lantern on a dark night. The wisdom offered by
those who reside in Spirit and who are assigned to oversee
your care while here in this realm can give a clarity to you
that will make it feel like the sun has just risen over the
horizon and your pathway is lit with light. Sessions with Spirit
can be direction and validation. It can be as a road map to
those places you didn't know you would travel to or to that
familiar road home.
Let Rose Campbell use her 19+ years of experience with
clairaudiently connecting to Spirit to offer you the words of
those who know you, care for you, and are charged with your
well-being. Rose works in a variety of ways: public
channeling forums, lectures, private sessions done
face-to-face or via remote sessions, and she even offers
Sessions with Spirit gatherings where the host/hostess can
have a free session.  Rose can connect you to your
guides/angels for guidance in (but not limited to) these
                              *Core Natures
           *Life Path Directions
      *Relationship Interconnections
*Mind/Body/Spirit Disease Interaction
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