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The Princess and The Peon:
An uncommon conversation with
the late Princess Diana
What does a spiritual medium do when the strong-willed Diana,
Princess of Wales, comes calling? Answer the call, of course! This
book details the conversations had between the author and Diana from
the night of Diana’s death, lasting for more than a year in sessions
recorded as they happened. Diana had much to say and the author had
to “pick herself up off the floor” a few times. There are emotions,
insights, humor and most of what Diana wanted the world to know in
1997-1998. It was an extraordinary conversation.
Copyright 1998 Rose Campbell
 "I was not allowed to make the world see that I was able to give them more of the
same as they had given me and I think that I was killed for this reason. I was a good
way-shower in my own fashion but there was much dispute about who I really was. ... I
was the given the gift of being the most guided to be made into someone that I was
not and this was a gift that I was trying to return to the world. I was not given the
chance to know that I could make myself the most misunderstood person by simply
being me and that I gave the world what it was looking for without understanding that
I was losing me in the process. I was not given the choice to become what I had
envisioned; I had to become what others envisioned. I was only making myself more
of whom they wanted until the day I realized that I was no longer there within my own
shadow, but only a cardboard character that had painted on a smile and a persona. "
 "I am afraid that my leaving the kingdom made little difference for them in the final
outcome of their lives, except to show them that there is another way to have them
believe in themselves.  They know now that when one is a prince or a princess that
there is very little choice of what one must become, except by leaving the kingdom
some and making the fairy tale seem less real.  It will serve them well, I believe,
when they are able to make their own way within the world of being princes, and
when the day comes that they must become king they will know that if they so
choose they can make the fairy tale good and kind and believable. It is this that I
have left them....."
"It wasn’t the fairy tale princess’s life that I led, it was the life of the one who got left
behind to make the beds and cleanse the chamber pots so that the house would look
good if anyone came to visit. The window dressing was fun, but it was so
unnecessary to make me happy. I was wanting the fairy tale princess’s life, but what I
got was the ugly toad and the wart that wouldn’t come off. I am regretful that my
children will be within much sorrow for me, but then again, I was only the instrument
that kept them alive until they grew into the heirs of the kingdom of the toad. ... I was
the only one who could make them see that when one grows up in a fairy tale then
one can only hope to be the prince or the pauper. It was not the way that it had to be,
but then it was not a way that was going to change simply because I woke up from the
dream and wanted to leave the kingdom. It was only going to go from bad to worse if I
had made them see that they had choices for their life because I knew down deep that
there was no way they could escape the fairy tale, based on who they were. . I had
created them to be whom they were born to be and I could not begin to make them
not become the next prince and the next king within the kingdom. It was not a way
that I could control for them and I felt sorry that they had been born with no choice
for their lives."
Sad Trio
Kevin Mcleod