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Diana Speaks Out
    This is some of the material channeled to me by Diana from the first night of her
death. Taken directly from the transcripts made during those sessions spanning
18 months. Covered by category for reference purposes and not necessarily in
consecutive order.  They are the basis of a book I was asked to do entitled "The
Princess and The Peon: An Uncommon Conversation With The Late Princess
Diana". There will be multiple pages here so just follow the links at the bottom to
the next page sequence.         Thank you...   Rose Campbell  

About herself:

"I was not given the chance to know that I could make myself the most
misunderstood person by simply being me and that I gave the world what it was
looking for without understanding that I was losing me in the process. I was not
given the choice to become what I had envisioned; I had to become what others
envisioned. I was only making myself more of whom they wanted until the day I
realized that I was no longer there within my own shadow, but only a cardboard
character that had painted on a smile and a persona. I was not really living my
life for me, but for those who did not really know me. It was not the way that I
wanted to live and therefore I tried to give up on life. Even in this I was not
allowed to do as I wished and this makes me sad to realize that when one
becomes an icon, one cannot simply choose to become one’s self again. It is not
that I am without wisdom that what one wants and what one gets is a fight that
many have to undergo.  It is that I am able to say with a fair amount of certainty
that what one wants and what one is given may be so far from the beginning so
as to be unrecognizable. I  think if I had the chance to make the choice again, I
would have learned sooner to be real to myself and allow no one the control to
shape my life other than the one living it.”

“I wasn’t given the choice before, but now I can continue with my true work and
make the world feel their own guilt at having poverty and war within their
kingdoms and making the princes and princesses more important to the story
than the paupers. There is no one more important than the paupers for they are
the kingdom.”


R. “Why are you so interested in this world’s affairs when you are free of them
and could forget them?”
D. “I am never free of the world that you live in and neither shall you be. It is not
as if you leave there and arrive here with no thought of those you have loved
and those who would still benefit from who you are. …What I need from you is
the chance to make my final words mean something to that world and help the
world that loved me see how wrong they were to make me the princess that no
one could be….        “ I was young and naive to think that one could simply
choose to share what one had if that be their wish. It was a view that gained me
much reproach for having spoken of it and I am glad that I can now say these
things. …I was never well liked within the confines of the family for I was far too
eager to make a difference for the ones who had no power. I was ridiculed many
times for siding with the wrong source, the wrong agenda, the wrong way of
being. I was never happy after I moved into the palace and I was only trying to
make the world a better place and a place that I could call my country. I was not
allowed to make the world as I saw it to be, I had to make myself the way they
wanted me to be seen. It was a great deal of stress for me to attend functions for
the under-privileged knowing that I wore more and ate more than could ever be
given to those whom we claimed to be helping. …I became aware that to make
the world love the ones who needed it, I had the power to do this precisely
because I was of the royal family. If I could not make a difference with the wealth,
then I would make the difference with the power that the royal family accorded
me by being who they thought me to be. I was able to make many people see
through my eyes that there were great issues of injustice and need and for this I
am grateful that I became the fairy tale princess”.


“I am giving you these things for the purposes of making me seem less like the
fairy tale princess who had no flaws, but the person that I really was. I was only a
scared little girl who had to grow up far more rapidly than I would have had to if I
had chosen the commoner’s way of life instead of the life that made me into the
princess of the century.  … I had many things that I had to exorcise from within
my psyche that made me who the world came to see. I was never able to
correlate the person I was reported to be with the person that I innately was.  I
was packaged for the public and I made that work for me in the end. I was able
to turn that which I loathed into the fuel for the life that I wanted to make, to ease
the pains deep within me.”

About her sons:

. “I have done much to establish for them the thought that they can become
even greater men than their forefathers, and this is the best that I could do for
their lives. It is not for them that I left my world of being the fairy tale princess,
but for myself.  I am afraid that my leaving the kingdom made little difference for
them in the final outcome of their lives, except to show them that there is another
way to have them believe in themselves.  They know now that when one is a
prince or a princess that there is very little choice of what one must become,
except by leaving the kingdom some and making the fairy tale seem less real.  It
will serve them well, I believe, when they are able to make their own way within
the world of being princes, and when the day comes that they must become king
they will know that if they so choose they can make the fairy tale good and kind
and believable. It is this that I have left them and I pray that it will be enough to
help them see that I meant them no harm by making them to be princes. I, too,
was living the fairy tale and had to make my choice on how I would make the
fairy tale believable for me. I am deeply regretful that I could no longer live the
fairy tale life, but I have shown them the power of make believe versus the power
of real life and real living. May that be given to me as a credit for having made
them for their father and their country.”
" I am hoping to see the gift that my children possess to make their choices to
live in the fairy tale, but not in the land of make believe. To be a prince or
princess is to live in the fairy tale, but that does not mean that one has to live in
the land of make believe where there are no mistakes, no desires, no urges,
and therefore no humanity. I was living proof that to make believe is to make a
mockery of the fairy tale. There is no castle that has no dragon, and if you
pretend that it doesn’t, then you live in the land of make believe.”


“I am greatly wanting to make this statement for the sake of my son’s future
reign as king, and his brother’s future role as prince. It will do well for them to
know that if I can reach them, then they can reach those that they have not yet
seen. It is a cloistered environment that they live in, and yet I have made them
aware of the wisdom that not all are of the same level of understanding, comfort,
and grace that they share because of the circumstances of their birth. I hope to
show them, more than anyone else, that to have is a duty to work with those who
do not.”
“I am orchestrating this entire project, not solely for the effect that it will have
upon the lives of the ones in need, but also for the lives of those who I had given
life to. I am still their mother in my thoughts and I feel the need to continue the
education that I had found most important for them. This will, in and of itself, help
the kingdom, for I was the bearer of the future King. As the mother of a ruler
within the world of form, I can do no less than to oversee the education of my
son for the betterment of the world at large, and his own well being upon the
realm of spirit. It is his destiny and I am going to fulfill my part of it with all that I


"I hope to be made known to the world not only for the giving of gifts that may
result to the needy from my foundation, but also for the procuring of the right
atmosphere for the beginning of my son’s reign as King. I wish to show the world
that when one wants to rule, one must do so with the intent of making life better
for those who are their subjects, and that to do otherwise is a travesty of their
powers. My son will become King within a short enough time and this is why I
have decided to make this attempt to correct what I can for the preparing of his
reign. I want him to know that his mother is still concerned with the kingdom and
its people. Even more important to me is for him to know that I still do want him to
become the man he is and not be molded into the form of man that he and I
despise. He will know that I have given him many lessons on why there is such a
broad range of people who exist within one kingdom and he will know what we
have discussed as being the way to solve that. I am concerned overly much with
his education and I think that he will receive another one knowing that I do exist
in another world and yet still care deeply for the world he inhabits.”
“It should teach him that I am concerned not only for the English, but for the
world as a whole. We had often discussed the fact that it was not about
countries as much as it was about people, and I am glad that we had these
discussions. We could never find a reason why there should ever be a land
where there was not justice and civil rule over people, except for the injustices of
those who ruled the country. He knew full well that there could never be another
fall of the forces of injustice unless there was a greater force of the ones who
were just and willing to make the dedication to eradicate the sources of injustice.
He knew also that there would be a time when he would take the throne of one
of the greatest countries and he would have to be a force for the issue of justice
and integrity for his people to help work at eradicating the forces of injustices
“He is well prepared for this role. I can thankfully say that my years that I did
have with him were not wasted, but rather productive on showing him the gifts
that he possessed. I am content to allow him to make his decisions for I know
what spirit and soul lay within my son’s physical body. I am very proud to have
been given the gift of helping him recognize his own greater potential. He will
become an example to be reckoned with, and if I am able to help him from this
realm, I must begin the process of creating a spirit of giving freely to those who
need from those who have.”
“This is my primary work, and yet if I can only accomplish one small thing from
here, it would be to have them all realize that what you do while living will be held
to you when you are of the world of spirit also. It is not a form of punishment, as I
had been told, but rather a form of growing and reaching ever higher for the
greater good of all that have been created within the world of physical form. It is
a growing of the gift of God’s love to the world of form and that it is a form of the
entire world of spirit expanding as well. I have learned many things here, and of
all the things that I have been made aware of, this is the most profound wisdom.
I am hoping to pass this along by example, and by word, to my children and the
world that they must inhabit for some time yet. I am aware that in this realm that
they are not truly my children, but the gift of another choosing to come to the
world of form as my children, but this does not stop me from making them a
priority in my thoughts even now. If they have chosen to be the children of the
fairy tale princess, then they have chosen to be the bearers of the means to
help with this work also.”   


“I have been given a glimpse of what may become, and I could ask no more for
my kingdom and my sons. I have been graced with an understanding of why
they have been given to your world and I find it a future that I could only have
been responsible for if I had been precisely who I had been. I am at peace with
them being who they chose to be and I would rescind my former view to you that
I had given them life with no future choice. I have the understanding now to know
that when they were given to me based on upon their own wisdom of what they
wanted to do and why they had to come to be the sons of the fairy tale
“ It is far clearer when one thinks, not with their mind as it is limited within the
body, but with the mind as it exists in the entire overall picture of creation. I have
been given the grace to know that I have been one with what I intended to do
and had accomplished my goals as a soul who journeyed to the land of the
future kings and the common man to aright the needed imbalances. It will be as
it has been given to me if we work at finding the needed attributes of the
kingdom and the world and focus away from the inferior failings of man to
understand the process of being given the greatness within them.”
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