Sessions With Spirit Productions Presents:
Reality and Illusion:
    A Collaborative Between
        Spirit and Flesh

Channeled from the Celestial Realm this book opens our eyes to
many truths about our true selves, the tale of the Garden of Eden,
the "fall" of mankind, why two genders and what is coming for
humanity in the future. It covers the impetus for evolution and the
necessary traits that will stabilize us through this expansive time.  
The definition is given from a celestial point of view for reality and
illusion and how each of them play a role in our development as a
species. It is a work that will educate, validate what you might
already feel/know, and gives us a map of where we are going

Some excerpts:

"The Serpent was nothing more than the symbol of the pleasure
seeking ego brain demanding control of the vehicle, overriding
the Spirit Voice within. "

"This is the beginning of a form of genetic encoding that is core
to the make-up of the human form. It is the cellular memory of the
idyllic state where Spirit and flesh co-communicate and the ideal
of Spirit Mind may be realized. "

"It is in the melding sequences that the internal connection with
Spirit Mind is to be found. It is not the building blocks; it is the
cohesion of the building blocks that assures the eternal
connection with Spirit Mind."

"As each achieves activation and opens to the influx of Spirit into
flesh, the Sons of Men shall become Sons of God. It is as has
always been intended. It will be as it was at the beginning."

Truly a book that can clear up some mysteries and answer some
profound questions. It is as a bridge between religious views and
spiritual knowing!  
$12.99 + tax
1) Includes the down loadable book reader
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USB stick for portability to other computers.

2) Great Illustrations.

3) Interactive features such as Super Fly
page turning and  find-a-page ease.
"As the light of Spirit is disclosed to
each activated being the chasm of
Heaven and Earth is dissolved. "

Become an "activated being"!!
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Reality and Illusion:
A Collaborative Between
   Spirit and Flesh
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