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Excerpts continued
"These are my words for the closing of the book. When I was young I had no idea
that I would one day be the fairy tale princess. It was not something that I
seriously dreamed of until the day that Charles gave the inclination that he would
consider me for this position. I was able to see that if I lived out the fairy tale to
exacting standards that I would become the one who had gone from rags to riches
in a metaphorical way. Not that I was ever in the realm of poverty, as so many are,
but that if one as shy and gawky as I could become the Princess of Wales, then
anyone could have anything that they had yet to dream of. ...  I was working on
making the fairy tale more believable to me when I was taken from that world. It
was a given that I wanted to impact the world for the better and was working at
doing so.  I would have been given the gift of seeing some of my dreams fulfilled
had I lived a very long time there, but I have now ascertained that I can see all of
them fulfilled if I so choose by working from this realm. ... This is my last request
of that world. Love others as I had seen them try to love me, to work with great
spirit of teamwork to make that better vision, and to allow those who can lead
with great spirit and love know that this is what the world wants and will strive
for. "
 " This is the goal of my attempt with this work. To create the ideal world for all
and for the beginning of my son’s reign. He will prove to be a just and fair man
with much compassion and tolerance of others. He will assume the leadership of
the world of the United Kingdom with great grace and dignity, and will prove
himself far greater than either of his parents for being able to maintain a sense of
world spirit and attitude of giving to those who are his subjects. He has been
taught well at the hands of many, and this is a source of pride for me that I was
able to give him what I intended before I left that world.  He will know that I have
spoken for he knows that to work at being king means to work at being the
protector and the way-shower for those who are under his care, and to set an
example for the others who are rulers in the world. This is what I have tried to
teach him, and he has learned well the value of being attuned to the common
man’s plight. ... It will be as if there had never been a fairy tale princess once he is
seated upon the throne for he will greatly eclipse anything that I had even hoped
to do as the one who was fortunate to be married to a future king. "
"His brother will also ascend to greatness in his own right. He will become the
one to offer wise counsel to his brother on issues that are of his own soul’s
wisdom and they will make a formidable team for the reformation of a world not
yet seen since times not remembered or recorded. I have seen the future of each,
and I am extremely proud to have been the vessel through which each of these
magnificent souls has made their entry to the world of form. My work of greatest
value had been to be their mother and to have some time with them.  For this I
am eternally blessed. The right to work with them for this future was indeed an
honored assignment."
Thank you for having read the excerpts. It is but the tip of the iceberg of all that
Diana spoke of.   
Rose Campbell

                               About the Author:

Rose Campbell has worked with metaphysical sciences and as a
channel/medium for the world of spirit for more than thirty years.
It is her calling, and she works in many veins helping those of the spiritual realms
have a voice within our world. Rose was honored to have been selected by Diana
for this mission.
  Rose is a widow and has four children and eight grandchildren. She
has worked for forty-plus years as a hairstylist also. Rose is actively gearing up to
work more with the realms of spirit so that life after life becomes a proven and
accepted fact.  
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