Diana's Thoughts: Page Four
Diana Speaks Out

About her Three Convictions.

“I am now going to discuss the further morals and wisdoms that I want made to
those who would make my name the figure head for this vast amount of monies
that has been accumulated due to my passing over. I am wishing that all who work
for this foundation be of the highest character, and that all who are in the working
force for this give their word and intent of honesty. I am not going to wish that they
all be of my country, for I feel that if there is a blend of many there will be more of a
wanting to make this money work for the whole world and its needy.”
“I am also going to ask that if there is ever another work to be done in my name
that the foundation oversee the financial aid that it gives to them. I want there to be
uniformity of purpose and a reflection of the values that I hold as important for the
betterment of all societies. I will establish a gift of my advice through one of the
voices that I have chosen. If there be any dispute of what it is I am wanting, there
can be a direct connection to me for the purpose of making a fair and impartial
decision based upon how I wish my name to be represented.”
“ I was not one who ever got to give what I wanted to give, so if I can do so now, I
see no reason for this not to be so. There is yet another matter of great
importance to me to cover with this session and I will proceed with this shortly, so
be prepared for another whim of mine to be given to you. I am not going to preside
over the day-to-day running of the foundation, but I do request the right to make
statements that I feel reflect the spirit that needs to be given in my name. There will
be another session on this when we are making the world know of my presence, so
for now we shall move to another topic.”
“I am of great conviction that there needs to be a lessening of the social values
attached to the monarchy and that is rather a broad statement of fact. I am going
to break this down into three areas of my convictions, so be prepared to receive
them as such. The first area is of greatest importance for the people of the
kingdom. It is of no great value that they remain silent to the workings of the royal
family and their moral convictions. By this I mean that when the royals are acting
without the highest of morals, there should be an outcry from within the ranks of
the people of the kingdom. I am aware of the irony that I play into by making this
statement, for I was one who had acted with less than great moral reserve.  If the
masses had made enough of an uproar over this spectacle that we presented,
then it would have served to make the point that they would not tolerate such
“I am greatly disillusioned with the focus that the people of the kingdom have
towards being silent over what the royal family does and does not do. I want them
to take a greater part in making their wishes known to the House of Commons,
Parliament, and the royal family directly. It serves no one well that there is a great
discrepancy between the ideals of the people and the ideals of their royalty. I
wished that I had my life to do over in this respect. If I had made the same mistakes
again that I did before, I would take the lead in making the point that if one does
not act like a moral leader for the country, then perhaps they need to be set aside.
I am sure that this will not be well received by the majority, but I have no care for
that. I think the time has come for the words to be spoken that if one can not lead
with highest integrity then one should step aside and allow another to make the
house of royalty an example to be proud of in the world’s eyes.”
R.  Do you say this because of Charles’ behavior? Is this aimed at him?
D.  “I am not directly making this statement at him, for I too have fallen short of the
mark. It is no great secret that all who are in line for the throne have fallen short of
the mark, except those who are as yet too young to know the pain and
responsibility of the throne. I am making this point as an ideal to aim for, and I
know that there are many who will interpret this as a personal vendetta against
Charles, so I have taken no offense at your question. It is rather a matter of stating
how things should be rather than how they have been within the royal family. I do
not wish to include the Queen in this for I am of great conviction that she has
always been of the highest integrity upon this matter. She has known much
heartache over the subject of moral breakdown within the royal family, and yet she
persists in trying to make them live by a higher standard. I have no qualms with her
over this matter, and wish to state that I am regrettably very sorry for my own
actions that have caused her grief.”
“I am simply making the statement that one should be a role model if one is to be
upon the throne, and just because the past has given forth examples of those who
were in varying degrees of degradation, the future can be changed. I am, if
anything, not making this statement for the ones of the past, but for those of the
future. I need not remind Charles of this for he has already missed the mark, but I
feel it a good thing to make this point to my son and the future King. His is the
future of the country, and this is intended to be a message not only to the people,
but also to their future leader.”
“Let us now continue with conviction number two. There is a stance within the
kingdom that to work and make money one must be given the will to do so. This is
another of those touchy subjects that I could not address while there, so bear with
me as I make my point now. It is often held by the powers that make the country
operate that if you give too much to the poor then they will simply choose to not
work. I am of understanding the theory, but not the purpose that it serves to make
this decision for everyone based upon the actions of the few. I want to point out
that there are many who would do well with more help from the royal coffers and
the government if they were given the opportunity. The ones who would abuse the
system would be gleaned out with proper monitoring controls, but for the mass
majority it would be a decidedly needed helping hand to bring about the means to
further their economic status.”
“ I am ever increasingly convinced that the difference between those who are
poverty stricken and the ones who are of greatest wealth is the advent of some
fortunate breaks at an appropriate time. If the family who needs a financial break
were given one for a short time, then their status could be elevated and the whole
country would prosper. There are many that could contribute greatly to the whole if
they could get beyond the need to work long hours to ensure survival. The help
that could be given to them could be in the form of grants and low interest loans to
those who are able to contribute something of great need to others, if they could
but make the leap from lowest level poverty to the comfort of knowing that there
would be enough food if they pursued their greatest gifts.”
“Many men need to feel the accomplishment and approval of being of worth, and
this is the majority of the ones that I speak for. There shall always be the ones who
have no drive or will to succeed, but they shall not be given help beyond what they
can produce for the benefit of the whole. There could even be given to some a
further wage for public service towards the whole.  Things needed such as street
cleaning, building restoration, tour guiding, neighborhood patrolling, and a vast
number of other services. I have considered this as a function of the foundation
and will discuss this further at another session. Our world needs to elevate the
world of form into the future of making all work for the whole rather than just for
them, and there will be great benefit to all if this can be accomplished. I will now
move to my third conviction.”
“The third conviction that I hold as being the greatest thing that will make the world
function at a higher level of being is the need to make room for their personal
search for their spiritual identity. I was not aware of the gifts that I was imbued with
from my spiritual source until I came here, but it is possible to make this awareness
while there. I am making this my third priority only because there needs to be a
focus on the physical world first, then a meaningful search for the purpose and
gifts that are given from your own soul for the completion of a very satisfactory life.
I am asking that all who are aware of the talents that they have which go beyond
their physical knowledge help those who are still seeking to make their own
discoveries. I am calling on those such as yourself to help others become aware
that all possess gifts that are of the spiritual nature and can implement them into
their lives at a benefit for all.”
“I was going to suggest this as a function of the foundation, but this is something
that must be done with the greatest care by all without outside political influence. It
would not be wise to make the foundation a format for this research for it will, of
necessity, be given over to many rules and restrictions that are not conducive to
the freedom needed to make the proper search for spiritual identity. It can,
however, help with the management of the physical life so that persons may have
some freedom of time to pursue their spiritual search. The search for their spiritual
self will in turn also help with their physical life, and then the gift can be given back
to those who still need the help.”
“The junction of the foundation and the search for spiritual awareness will not be
obvious, of course, but there will indeed be one with the freedom that some will
experience through the helping hand from those that they cannot see through the
foundation. It is as if you could compare the foundation to the formula that goes
into a prayer. There is a request that is given, and if there is great need, then
there is a helping of many through the aegis of the foundation so that the request
is granted without ever knowing the true source of the help. It is as if there were a
spiritual connection given to the powers that hold the ability to help those who
have the need, and yet there is never a physical meeting of the two. The resulting
gift of freedom may allow someone to see and feel the power of giving and the
effect that it can have upon another’s life. This in turn shall foster the feeling of
giving to another so as to help them. I am aware that this sounds very utopian, but
I have great faith that this formula will in time help others to raise their sights a little
higher, their goals a little farther away, and their need to be of service a little
closer. There can indeed be a reformation to the benefit of the whole if there is a
focus of finding their spiritual gifts and the time to do so. I am now finished with my
soliloquy, and will entertain your questions.”