The Duality of Diana
Diana Speaks Out
    When death takes us from our physical bodies we do not cease to
exist.  Worldwide there are far too many accounts of interaction with
those who have predeceased us. When you ask almost anyone if they
think they have received some form of communication from the “other
side” of death, most will tentatively nod and then with encouragement
begin to tell their tales.  When we leave the physical body we are, to a
great extent, just who we were at the moment of death. We do not
automatically gain omnipotence, the wisdom of great sages, or perhaps
even the abundant peace that we seek. However, in time we can re-
integrate with the larger part of ourselves, known as the soul by most,
and these things are then available to us.
    My tale that I wish to tell now began on August 31, 1997. For some
people this might quickly ring a bell as being the date of the death of
Diana, Princess of Wales. Upon seeing her death flashed across my
television screen I sought answers as to why…not in the physical
sense…but more from a cosmic/spiritual sense. What did this mean? Why
at this time, when it seemed she had just gotten to second gear with
aiding people who needed a voice using the power of the media that she
could bring to an event/situation, and what ramifications would this have
for the world? Having already served in the capacity of spiritual channel
for the world of Spirit for about 10 years I knew when I came up blank with
answers that had any real depth that I could go to those not readily seen
by our world and get higher wisdom on some of my answers. What I did
NOT expect was an audience with the Lady herself.
    After receiving an answer from my own celestial support team I was
asked to speak to someone else with insight to her death. I have to admit
that I was tired and was wanting to disconnect so I could go to bed.
However, I allowed the connection and I am ever grateful that I did. The
next “voice” I heard was that of Diana. She launched into a very
emotionally moving monologue about her life, why she felt it had ended,
how she saw her years of motherhood and of being the “fairy tale
princess”. From that night on we spoke an average of two times a week
for maybe 8 months and then it dwindled down to infrequently for the next
8 months or so. It was very educative and moving for me to be a part of
these conversations.
    One of the things she spoke to me about was the fact that she would
not use solely myself as a “voice” for her…that there would be others she
would connect with. She had a definitive purpose for this. However, she
told me as well that there would be a male who would take the lead of a
work that she was planning and at the time I had no clue who that could
be. As a matter of fact it took me
eight years to find the man who served
Diana as a voice in a way that I could not and true to her word, there was
enough of the Diana that I knew from my own experiences with her in the
material which he had that I knew I had found the man that had been
foretold to me. Let me just say when she spoke to me of using other
voices I did not get the hint:
Andrew Russell-Davis is a VOICE channel,
one whom Diana speaks through as her human self and who currently
inhabits him in a fusion that defies logical explanation.
She not only works
through his vocal chords but through his entire body as well. I have seen
it and it is real. It is as if they are two who became one.
    Let me make something clear here before I launch into the heart of
what I am doing with the following material. When we are alive we have
our human personalities. We also have that aspect of us which resides in
the spiritual realms, often called spirit or soul by most of us. The human
personality aspect is that part of us that we define as us when we look
into the mirror. It is what we know ourselves as. However, the higher or
more spiritual aspect of ourselves also dwells within us but it is the rare
individual who can see clearly that aspect in the day-to-day living of our
lives. The human self has a will and a set of agendas, goals and human
failings. The higher self has an intent, what I call the soul intent, when it
inhabits a body and gives it life. Sometimes the human self falls into line
with the soul will and sometimes it does not. I put forward for your
consideration that in the life we knew as Diana that it is pretty clear the
line between the human self ~the human will ~and the higher soul intent
of Diana as she lived her life.
    The human Diana was riddled with insecurities, was prone to anger,
had a need for great attention and sought love with due diligence. It was
the human failings that caused her to do things that were often not kind
and all to
o often proved to be disadvantageous, even to herself. If you
look at the whole of whom Diana was…not just the facade known as HRH
Princess Diana…then you can see the dichotomy between her human self
and her spirit in the many parts of her life. The purely human self caused
her to think of self while the more spiritual aspect of Diana turned her
attention toward humanity. The human Diana sought to find love; the
Higher Diana sought to give love. The human Diana often wounded
people, those who were closest to her or served her, while the Higher
aspect of Diana was a healer and sought to heal and aid the many who
needed it. We all have both of these aspects and whether we live by our
human will or our Higher spiritual/soul will is what dictates what we do in
the world, just as it did for Diana.
    With this said above let me continue to make something clear. After
working with Andrew Russell-Davis for about three years it becomes
clear, just as his aspect of Diana has openly said, that the aspect working
through Andrew is the
human personality essence. This means that the
Diana that speaks and has being through Andrew is the Diana who was
completely human. This aspect is no more aware of her Higher aspect
than she was when alive. This is for an excellent reason: she must be
recognizable, especially to those who knew the real personality behind
the facade of HRH Princess Diana, such as her sons, brother and ex-
husband, and they must see that the real life Diana is no more gone than
we who are still “alive”. Now then, consider this: Now that Diana is dead,
she can be brutally honest about who she was and who she is on a purely
human level. She does not have to fear fallout from either “the family” or
from political arenas. For once she can afford be just Diana…not the
persona that we all saw nor the icon placed on a pedestal by some. She
can simply be Diana. Though in truth being dead has also afforded a
greater view of herself as a human, as if being seen from above, and she
can now see her flaws with more clarity than when she was living them
and hopes to make amends concerning them.
    You do realize that most of us saw only the media version of Diana,

don’t you? We saw the “persona” HRH Princess Diana, the fairy tale
confection which Diana, the Monarchy and the media created for mass
consumption. What we saw was not the entire truth of who Diana was and
how she felt. She performed her role as Princess with aplomb…but there
was a far different Diana in the wings backstage. The aspect that works
through Andrew today has the honesty and the guts to be herself, even
with all of her failings being laid bare for us all to gander upon. She is
interested in being honest about her failings and to make amends when
and where she can. She seeks to make connection with her sons and ex-
husband to explain some things and to say goodbye, a process that was
denied by her untimely death. Speaking of her untimely death, she also
wants justice for that death. It is the human aspect we are dealing with
here and who among you would want less?
However, the Diana I have communicated with via my clairaudient
channeling skills is not working solely to prove her human identity.
Certainly at the first of our communications, immediately after her human
death, she was focused on that life. It is often the way of those who die
with no warning and no time to prepare to ease into the non-physical way
of existence. However, as our sessions progressed, you can see the
transition that was made by this aspect of Diana from human individual
focus to one of a more international/global awareness. To make things
simpler we call Andrew’s version the Lower Diana and mine the Higher
    In truth it is not as divisive as it might sound. Andrew’s Diana does
indeed get information from the larger consciousness of Higher Diana at
times. (Such as when she was given to know in advance about the bus
bombings in London in 2005 and tried to warn a media man...who did
nothing but laugh and call Andrew crazy. Bet he swallowed his tongue
when a few days later 57 people died in the blast that he might have been
able to avoid!) My version of Diana does remember her former life…it just
is not a big focus for her any longer. No, it is not simply black and white,
one or the other. We are all a blend of our human selves and our spiritual
selves… and depending on what focus we have we can be predominately
more of one than another at any given time. Even after death the human
personality that existed in this world is not forgotten by the soul. It is part
and parcel of what that soul now is, precisely because of that human
having those experiences and making those choices about how to handle
those experiences.
    Thus what Andrew and I are hoping to do with this web site is to show
you the many facets to the totality that was/is Diana and how the human
perspective may mirror the spiritual self if we but allow it to. Diana, as she
truly exists now, is a multi-faceted entity. The life she led here is retained
via emotional memory banks located in the greater mind (versus the
human brain) which to a large degree is what Andrew’s Diana relies upon
to recall things from her life when she no longer has a physical brain.
There is also an expanded consciousness that incorporates the wisdom
of all that this particular soul has been. This is much more the aspect of
Diana that I am use to channeling. Oh yeah…I forgot to mention, didn’t I,
that the soul, anyone’s soul, has had many lives in the physical, many
names, many jobs, religions, roles and races. Well it has… and the totality
of who Diana is now is blended with all of that former wisdom and it is a
powerful thing to witness her trying so hard to work with our world again
that she is splintered into both aspects to give not only proof but to
continue her work of helping humanity. Very powerful indeed!
      Diana’s voice delivered via  Andrew’s vocal chords telling her human
truths and her human story can be found at
 Diana's Pod Casts.     You
might look at Diana's personal site as well. It is a replacement for her
original one, destroyed when the server host tried to update the server. It
houses some of the best of her original channeled messages and the
factual precis' found on the original site. It is also where you can find
Diana's book  
"She Won't Go Quietly (The Uncensored Diana)"   channeled
in 2005 to Andrew. However on this new site we have the powerful
experience of Diana reading it in her own words! Check that out here:
Diana Speaks      
      I have let the communications I have had with Diana sit idle while we
gave the more human aspect of Diana a forum to express that aspect of
self. However, it is now time to begin to reveal the Diana that I know, the
Diana who is attuned to a more global/spiritual focus and wants to work
with the world just as she did in life. It is time now for you to meet the
Higher Diana and for both aspects to be recognized equally, for in time
the union formed of both will be there for all to see. Her words to me can
be found starting here:
Diana's Thoughts--Page One Please read, listen
and digest this entire web site with an open mind. Both aspects of Diana
long to work again with the world. One aspect wants to make amends and
show that change is needed in the human self to not give into the failings
that we all tend to have. The other aspect wants to work with the world in
building a far better place for us all and yet both of them are Diana;  the
one and only Diana.

© 2008 Rose Campbell
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